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We're here for you

Thank you for visiting the official website of A Beautiful Mind Therapy Services.

Welcome to A Beautiful Mind Therapy Services

Different problems require different solutions. The same goes for healing. It is a unique process for everyone, depending on what phase you are in life and what challenges you are trying to overcome. But no matter what you’re going through, we’re here to help you.

Here at A Beautiful Mind Therapy Services, we provide mental health services, counseling, and substance addiction treatment. We serve individuals, families, couples, and everyone else in Troy and the rest of Michigan who need our help. We are located in Downtown Troy on Big Beaver Rd and in the heart of the city.


Our team believes that seeking out support for mental health should be as simple as meeting with your primary care doctor. It should also be accepted as part of integrative care, allowing you to receive support from professionals and become the best version of yourself. Schedule an appointment with us today. 

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